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Alexandra Hayes

Falls May Be Early Sign of Alzheimer's

Study Examines Immunotherapy Effects on Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarkers in Patients with Alzheimer Disease

Antioxidant May Disrupt Alzheimer's Disease Process

Dementia Cases Set To Triple By 2050 But Still Largely Ignored

New MRI Technique May Predict Progress of Dementias


Allison Keeley

New MRI Technique May Predict Progress of Dementias

Possible Cause of Movement Defects in Spinal Muscular Atrophy Identified

Grid-Based Computing to Fight Neurological Disease

Head Injuries Often Impair Medical Decision-Making Skills

Key Enzyme Involved in Protecting Nerves from Degeneration Identified

Jennifer Scott

New Depression Meds better in Parkinson’s
Hospital stay worsens memory in elders

Novel MS Drug Efficacy, Safety Last

CT Advice from NCI ignored in the ER

TBI history doubles dementia risk in vets


Jessica Phelan

Mortality Rate Is Increased in Persons With Autism Who Also Have Epilepsy, Study Finds

Premature Birth May Increase Risk of Epilepsy Later in Life

Diabetes May Significantly Increase the Risk of Dementia

Eating Berries Benefits the Brain

Overeating May Double Risk of Memory Loss