EPID 624 - Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases- Spring 2018


  Final Examination


The final exam consists of three parts,

First: discussion on a topic that particularly interested you. Write not less than 1500 words on the topic you found most interesting, (which must not be the one assigned to you), describing problems in finding useful data on the topic, and which important data is currently missing when trying to evaluate new interventions, and where you believe new translational research on this topic should focus at this time

Second, an analysis of chronic disease costs to the health system and any comments on the validity of these costs.  Discuss what you believe to be the total financial cost of chronic diseases by adding up the costs identified for each particular topic in this course, realizing that we left a number of chronic diseases out of our discussions. Compare the total you get to the 17.9% of the GDP we currently spend on health and medical care. What problems you find in the analyses of costs by disease?

Third: an evaluation of this course and how we can improve it for the next class considering topics discussed in this course and what additional items you would have selected and what you would remove, if any.  Did you find selecting issues to discuss from the research lists each week useful, why?.

Note the completion date of May 11 at 5 PM.

Once you have completed all these topics in MSWord sent to Dr Adera.