More important articles that help you understand the developing research on an important environmental hazard.   These articles are 15-20 years later than the previous articles.

JAMA Nov 8, 1984 Vol. 252 No 25, June 17 1982


Council Report

A Physician's Guide

to Asbestos-Related Diseases
Council on Scientific Affairs




IN RECENT years, public concern over the health effects of asbestos has sharply escalated. According to Walker et al (J Occup Med 1983; 25:409), 

The term asbestos refers to a family of naturally occurring silicate miner

Occupational exposure to asbestos may occur during (1) mining and milling of the ore, (2) the manufacture and use of asbestos-containing




Richard Doll

Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University of

Oxford, Honorary Consultant, Imperial Cancer

Research Fund Cancer Epidemiology and Clinical Trials Unit

Julian Peto

Professor of Epidemiology, Institute of Cancer

Research, University of London

Health & Safety Commission

London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office  1985


Medical News & Perspectives


Mesothelioma: Has Patient Had Contact With Even Small Amount of Asbestos?


MESOTHELIOMA,  primarily  an  asbestos-related cancer.    This expectation was based on  two factors: that the highest exposure


JAMA, March 27, 1987 Vol 257, No 12                                                                          Medical News & Perspectives            1569