EPID 600 - Introduction to Public Health Practice - Fall 2017

EPID-600 Introduction to Public Health
Occupational Health - Industrial Hygiene

Leonard Vance, Kim Buttery



Students should be able to describe:

Key Words

Occupational health, Occupational Medicine, Occupational Hygiene, Industrial Hygienist, Health Hazards, Risk Assessment, Worker health, workman's compensation, Maternal Safety Data Sheets, Right to Know, industrial epidemiology, OSHA, Dept. Of Labor, Environmental Hazards.


Most people work outside their home and expect their workplace to be free from physical and environmental hazards. The workplace may be the only place where many lower income workers have access to health services.

Required reading

Return To Work (.pdf file)

Introduction to Public Health, Schneider, 4th Edn: Chapter 17, Pages 294-295, Chapter 20, 339-354, 5th Edn Chapter 17, Page 171 and Chapter 20, Pages 316- 328
Look at the concern in the UK about responsibility for signing well (page3) or sick (page 7)notes. These same issues bedevil the family doctor in the U.S. as well.

Reference: Risk, costs and lives Saved. Getting better results from regulations. Edited by Robert W. Hahn. Oxford University Press. (1996) 

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