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Date: Fri 5 Sep 2014
Source: The Bismarck Tribune [edited]


A kitten purchased from Amy's Pet Parade pet store in Minot [North Dakota] has tested positive for rabies, state health officials said Friday [5 Sep 2014], urging people who may have been exposed to contact the department [North Dakota Department of Health].

The kitten was part of a litter of 6 anonymously dropped off at the pet store on 29 Aug 2014, the Health Department said in a statement.
All 6 kittens were put on display for sale that same day and the last kitten from the litter was sold this week.

Health officials said the kitten was potentially infected with rabies starting on 22 Aug 2014.

Because other kittens in the litter could have been infected, the Health Department is asking anyone who may have been exposed to saliva from the kittens by being bitten, licked, or scratched since 22 Aug
2014 to contact the department's after-hours number at 701-220-0819.

Rabies is a viral infection that causes swelling of the brain and is almost always fatal. It can be prevented by administering rabies vaccine after exposure.

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[This sounds like a nightmare of great proportions.

How many people could possibly have handled the kitten? Since the kitten was anonymously dropped off at the pet store, there is no way of knowing if the other kittens were exposed and may have rabies as well.

The list of potentially exposed individuals is slightly mind boggling.
How many people were from out of town, visiting relatives, vacationing, or just passing through?

Rabies is a fatal disease in almost all cases. There are very few human beings that have rabies. And those that did, are not necessarily functioning at a pre-exposure level of activity.

If you have or could possibly have come in contact with the kitten or any of its litter, please call the health department at the number above, immediately.