EPID 600 - Introduction to Public Health Practice - Summer 2017


Food Service Management
CMG Buttery MD MPH


The public expects to be safe from food poisoning when they eat out, and to be free from environmental carcinogens.

Key Words:

Hazard Assessment, Critical Temperatures, Significant hazards, FDA Inspection sheets, Food handlers & food handling, Food at risk, Food borne outbreaks, Manager training & certification, Inspection methods, places inspected, closures, education vs. policing, contamination, outbreak investigation.


After this seminar students should be able to describe

Read this material on changes in food safety over last 50 years, from the MMWR FIRST. Then look at the Food Safety program of CDC and Click on each of the 6 topics, then look at the CDC's Foodnet and be sure you understand its objectives, then examine  the FDA's food web and consider how the two complement each other by clicking on Foodborne Illness & Contaminants. Also be sure you click on the HACCP Principles & Application Guidelines, be sure to review the HACCP PRINCIPLES (Third link in Table of Contents).. Do you think one agency should be in charge? Why? Finally look at this recent review on food poisoning.


CMG Buttery -

, Section on Food Service. 
Schneider: Intro to Public Health,4th & 5th edns, Chapter 24
Food Bookmarks (Pay special attention to the HACCP sites.)

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