EPID 600 - Introduction to Public Health Practice - Summer 2017

Rabies & Zoonoses of Public Health Interest & Animal Control,

Julia Murphy DVM, MS, DACVPM , C.M.G. Buttery M.D., MPH


After this seminar students should be able to describe


Animals can be dangerous to the health of humans. Epidemiologic investigation of hosts and vectors lead to the control of diseases spread by animals, and can provide early warning on bioterror attacks.

Key Words:

Pets, Wild Animals, Hosts, Vectors, Rabies distribution in animals, Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, Other epizootics, Vaccinations, Bite investigations, Animal Control, Veterinary public health.


CMG Buttery - Essay No. 8 Section on Vector & Animal Control, 
Schneider, Introduction to PH, 4th Edn.  Chapter 10, pp 154-162 and 167 -169. Or 5th Edn. Chapter 9 Pages 118-126, Chap 10 pages 154-160 and 155-157.
The Ecology of Stray Dogs, Beck, A. York Press 1973 [still the gold standard for understanding feral animals.]

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