EPID 600 - Introduction to Public Health Practice - Fall 2017

Home-site Water and Sewage
Thanks to Daniel "Duke" Price Ed. D., REHS


Students will be able to describe

Key Words

Ground water, Surface water, Community Water Systems, Community Waste Treatment systems, Septic Tanks, Wells, Federal Standards, EPA, Pollutants, Action levels, Primary treatment, secondary treatment, tertiary treatment, filtration, distribution systems, water reuse, potable water, SWDA, contaminants, water quality, purification.


Control of environmental hazards are basic tools to ensure health of the community. The focus here is on rural home sites.


Note:  Public Water & Sewage systems will be covered in environmental health class.


PDF file on Sewage Strategies.
Introduction to Public Health, : Schneider, 4th Edn. Chapter 22 and 23
Buttery Essay 8, section on environmental issues, page down to waste, water issues and septic system politics
Then view Dr. Price's slide show

Virginia Tech Sewage - Waste Disposal, look at Table 2 and note the 9 alternatives; to which you need to add constructed wetlands disposal. This 22 page essay is an excellent consolidated discussion of alternative methods of home sewage disposal,

Well/Septic Tank Bookmarks (Be sure to look at the section on alternatives to septic tanks.)