Local Health Department Practice
Updated January 2017

Originally Published by Oxford University Press, 1991
Japanese Edition 1994
Converted to Digital Text 2008


State Health Commissioner, Virginia 1986-1991

Assistant Health Director, Fairfax County, Virginia
City Health Director for cities of Portsmouth VA, Corpus Christi TX, and Richmond VA

Chapter 1, the Local Health Director HTML PDF
Chapter 2, Organization and Administration HTML PDF
Chapter 3, Planning, Analysis and Assessment HTML PDF
Chapter 4, Budgeting HTML PDF
Chapter 5, Accountability HTML PDF
Chapter 6, Program Management HTML PDF
Chapter 7, Communicable Disease Control HTML PDF
Chapter 8, Health Protection and Promotion HTML PDF
Chapter 9, Managing Clinical ServicesHTML PDF
Chapter 10, Informatics HTML PDF
Chapter 11, Marketing Public Health HTML PDF
Chapter 12 Health Service Policy HTML PDF
Chapter 13, Laws and Regulations HTML PDF
chapter 14, hazard communication HTML PDF
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