EPID 600 - Introduction to Public Health Practice - Fall 2017

Kim Buttery MB, BS.


Week Commencing
August 28

Will take place at Capital One Building. Corner of 9th and Main, 8th Floor classroom 827, At 5.00 PM. Monday August 28. Will last approximately one hour.
Administration - Course Objectives
Introductory Lecture: Goal Setting & PH History

Joy Zeh , RN MS FNP
Jane Moore RFN MHSA
Kim Buttery


Week Commencing
September 4

Communicable Diseases
Immunization Issues

Kim Buttery

Jeff Stover


Week Commencing
September 11

Community Assessment
Methodology 1
Methodology 2

John Quillin Ph.D. 

Heather Creswick M.S.


Week Commencing
Serptember 11

Introduction to Genetics

Introduction to Genetics

 Dianne Woolard Ph.D..

  Week Commencing
September 25

Why Surveillance
Types of Surveillance
Surveillance Examples

Kim Buttery.


Week Commencing
October 2

Chronic Disease
Why a Public Health Issue?
Extent of the problem
Financial Effect on the HC System

James J. Cotter Ph.D.

Kim Buttery

Week Commencing
October 9

Introduction to Aging
Cultural effects
Behavioral Effects
Prevention Issues

Mid Term Exam (Due 10/20)

David Compton MD MPH
Leonard Vance Ph.D. CIH


Week Commencing
October 16

Occupational Health/Industrial Hygiene
Occupational Medicine
Industrial Hygiene

Julia Murphy DVM, MS, DACVPM

Kim Buttery


Week Commencing
October 23

Zoonoses & Animal Control
Zoonotic Diseases
Zoonoses Examples
Animal Control

Daniel "Duke" Price EdD, REHS

CMG Buttery MB BS


Week Commencing
October 30

Home water objectives
Food Service & State Health Laws

Kim Buttery MD


Week Commencing
November 6

Primary Care
The Physician
Case Management
Epidemiology of Primary Care

Bethany Geldmaker Ph.D.
Deborah Harris MPH, RD, CDE
Joan Corder-MAbe RN MPH

Week Commencing
November 13

Women’s & Children’s Programs
Children’s Services
Women’s Health Care
Perinatal Programs

Sheryl Garland MHA
Michelle Chesser Ph.D.
Judith Cash


Week Commencing
November 20

Community Programs
Medical Center Hospitals (ambulatory care)
Joint Commission on Health Care
Virginia Health Care Foundation.

Jack O. Lanier Dr.PH



Week Commencing
November 27

Health Care Access

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CMG Buttery   Week of December 4 Review all prior topics in relation to final exam questions.

Final Exam


Week of December 12

Submit Final Exam no later than 5:00pm, Wednesday, December 13

The above lectures are supported by this
Set of Essays focusing on a Local Health Department's Functions
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